The XENON Technology Group

XENON Technology Group was founded by Dragan Dimitrovici and brings together four innovative technology companies. For over 25 years, the XTG companies have been leading innovation in Australia and Globally.

All XTG companies share a focus on solving complex IT problems. The XTG companies are also united by working with customers in a spirit of partnership and discovery, developing solutions beyond the bounds of the expected.

XTG companies enable customers to achieve great new things that affect all of society.

XTG Member Companies

XENON Systems is Australia’s leading high performance computing specialist delivering solutions on-premise and in the cloud. XENON expertise includes artificial intelligence, high frequency trading servers, and CPU/GPU high performance computing clusters, storage and networking. More on XENON Systems.

Mediaproxy is the global leader in broadcast monitoring and compliance systems. Mediaproxy is trusted by global broadcasters to deliver compliance reporting, insight and analysis. More about Mediaproxy.

Catapult delivers fast file and data transfers accelerated with TCP and UDP, which can be up to 10x faster than FTP. Works across Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Learn more about Catapult.

XENOptics Logo

XENOptics delivers automated switching and software for management of fiber infrastructure in telecommunications and data centers. Learn more about XENOptics.